Monday, May 23, 2011

A way to tally sin.........

actually...........not a bad idea.

Catholics Confess It

Welcome to,

An online Examination of Conscience to help prepare for the sacrament of confession. was developed in hopes that it would make an examination of conscience easier and allow for more faithful to frequent the sacrament.

Don't forget to create a "printer friendly" version of your examination by clicking "Print Examination" just below the Print Options.

Please UPDATE your bookmarks, the official domain is -

Notice No information you type in is ever collected or stored. It's only arranged into a printer friendly version to take with you into the confessional

You go through, check you sins, print it out and bring it to confession.  Great for practising Catholics - don't think it will be a big hit with the C and E er's though.  PLUS an examination of conscience.  I like it - its cute - not terribly practical - but cute.  I think I'll use it.

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