Thursday, May 12, 2011

Argument of the Month Club - South Saint Paul, MN

A few nights ago, I had the opportunity to take a trip with friends up to St. Augustine Catholic Church in South Saint Paul, MN for the Argument of the Month (AOTM).  Lemmie tell ya, these guys got it.  After being told to go to this for several years, I finally took the plunge- after being lured in with promises of meat, wine, desert, more meat, more desert, and great apologetics.  Everything I was promised was there.  (Except the wine - legal thing, I guess - but they have plenty of beer)  You start by giving the folks $12.00 for the night, then you find a seat, get some hors d'œuvres, grab a beer or soda pop and talk with other Catholic men who actually care about their faith.  Novelty.  Then after a bit you get in line with 300-400 other men of like faith and morals to feast on whatever manly meal they have planned.  This specific event was pulled and Jamaican Pork, beans, coleslaw, and cornbread.  All totally unhealthy and gloriously prepared.  It was very much like a firehouse meal.  Then ya grab another beer or sodie, and eat.  Onto the presentation that is given, in this case, by a very intelligent Father Keating from the University of St. Thomas.  (and he was actually Catholic - I know - another novelty.) Then a break, beer, desert, and a Q and A session.  Great night, just a great night.  I have wanted to so something like this (on a smaller scale) for years.  Get authentically Catholic men together and learn more about the faith, eat well, and just be men to build each other up.  Can't rave about this enough.  Go, for goodness sake, GO.  You will not be disappointed.  Some links below.  OH by the way - I hear tell that a certain Michael Voris will be the guest speaker one month next winter.  Yeah - going for that one for sure.

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