Thursday, May 26, 2011

Corrupt Icons?

Found this while on Defend us in Battle's Blog.  May have to check into this more, I was considering buying some of their work - will have to reseacrh more.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We will no longer use or post "Monastery Icons"

I am almost ashamed that I have never heard about this before, and that I have continually used icons by the company: "Monastery Icons." They apparently have some rather suspect beginnings and are really not Christian.

Here is info from the
Orthodox Christian Info Center:
The following comments concern a business called Monastery Icons ( This company offers "icons" and other religious content that has a veneer of Orthdooxy, but which in fact is associated with Hinduism. Their products are spirituallly dangerous, and so Fr. Anthony Nelson, a Priest in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, sent me these remarks.

They have one “iconographer” there who paints all their pictures (please, not icons). All are “blessed” with one of their occult rituals before being shipped, and they support themselves to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars per year selling the demonic things. Many Roman Catholic bookstores sell them but, happily, most Orthodox sellers of religious items have discovered who and what they are and no longer do business with them.

Please don’t buy their pictures—they are spiritually very dangerous.
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The following additional information was found on the Catholic Answers forum. Links are omitted because they would improve Google search engine rankings.

“Some books by the abbot of Light of Christ Monastery.

Magnetic Therapy: Healing in Your Hands
An Eagle’s Flight: Autobiography of a Gnostic Orthodox Christian
An excerpt from the above book can be read here:
There is a conversation with the Abbot (audio) available here:
“A quote from this conversation:

“Abbot George is the founder and guiding spiritual source for the Light of Christ Monastery in Borrego Springs, Ca. He and Dr. Netherton sat together to discuss the Abbot’s views and beliefs with regards to the many faiths and religions that exist on the planet today. Abbot George is widely held to be one of the leading authorities on theology, philosophy, and spiritual constructs in today’s spiritual community. Among other dynamics, he discusses reincarnation as an established fact within the Christian faith and the presence of spiritual guidance as defined by the teachings of St. Thomas, one of the founders of the eastern Christian churches. His knowledge is extensive and deep and his presentation is inspiring.”

Another person sent me the following information about the alleged connection with ashram:

“My guess is that the folks selling the so-called “icons” don’t really want to advertise the connection between that and the ashram, for understandable business reasons. When I posted about the group at, a reader explained that the “icon” biz had been taken over by a supporter in Ohio.

“At a Hindu forum, a member says he found out about the sect’s name change from “Abbot” Burke himself: (see bottom of page, a post dated 4/9/04).”

Please respect this decision, and please consider yourself the idea of not using these icons even in online postings. Icons are very spiritual items. They are not paintings, they are not painted or drawn. Icons are written, and just like the written word, the written image should explain and convey the Sacred and Holy. When something is not written properly, it can convey and deceive. I too would call these spiritually dangerous.

Please know that Icons are not paintings. I would always do research on any religious items I buy. This post goes to show you that sometimes we have to take the time to do things properly. The quick and easy can come back to haunt us... maybe literally.

For proper Icons please visit:

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