Sunday, May 22, 2011

FW: Praise God! The People can Vote!

Dear Friends,

Praise God! Last night at the MN State Capitol the proposed constitutional amendment to define Marriage as the union of one man and one woman passed! Voters will decide the question in November 2012!
Now, the work begins for us! Please do all you can to defend and support the Sancity of Marriage so your family members, neighbors, co-workers will truly understand the importance of what this means! 
An excellent place to learn how to address this issue is the National Organization for Marriage - this link has great "Talking Points:
Educate, educate, educate... we must, always in charity, help others come to know the TRUTH... the Truth of Jesus Christ and our beloved Catholic Church!
A Church Document that is critical for people to read is "The Truth and Meaning Of Human Sexuality" . As many of you know we produced the excellent film based on this Document "A Parent's Guide: Teaching the Truth & Meaning of Human Sexuality"  
Our film has been aired on EWTN and people across the globe have been tremendously grateful for our video. Please take a moment and read one woman's testimony to see how her husband had a change of heart!

Dear Catholic Parents OnLine,
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful DVD: A Parent's Guide: Teaching the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality. I wanted to share with you how your DVD was a blessing in a situation that recently came up with my family.
I had just completed the Family Honor semester course on the Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, which was life changing for me. During my study my dad received your DVD from Fr. Michael Freihofer in Winter Park, CO after mass while on a golf trip. Knowing I was taking this course, he gave it to me. Months later I sat down and viewed the DVD. I found it to be very inspirational and covered many of the important points from the Family Honor course. I thought the DVD would be a great tool to communicate this beautiful and desperately needed message.
A few weeks past, a permission slip came home from our Catholic school to allow our 5th grader, our oldest child to attend a talk on puberty. Immediately a yellow flag went up. I knew I was uncomfortable with our daughter hearing this information. Two thoughts kept coming through my mind. First, that I knew I wanted to protect her little soul from early exposure to any sexual content. Second, that this was my right, my duty and my privilege to share this information with her when the timing was right for her. I strongly believe that even though the content was very light, I wanted to be the one who discussed these things with her because it gives me an opportunity to develop our relationship as mother and daughter laying a foundation for future discussions.
I told my husband I was uncomfortable and I didn't want her attending the talk. He thought I was being oversensitive about the issue and recommended I get the details of the talk from the teacher. I was frustrated because I felt so strongly about this issue. But still being very new to concepts of The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, I had difficulty persuading even my own loving husband. I asked him to view your DVD and then weigh in on the decision. We sat down together and viewed the DVD. His response was, "Now I understand."
I plan to share the DVD in my community to help convey this godly message.
With heartfelt thanks,
Friends, let's make it a priority, this year and next,  to work for the TRUTH, so that in November of 2012 people will vote for the Sancity of Marriage between one man and one woman to be upheld!
God bless you and yours,
Catholic Parents OnLine
"Maintain the Truth Lovingly and always Love Truthfully"  Blessed John Paul II

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