Saturday, May 21, 2011

FW: "Safe environment" programs... why the silence?

Dear Friends,
Well, 5 years have passed since the implementation of the so-called "Safe environment" programs in Catholic schools and parishes throughout the U.S.  As you know many of these programs were of a secular nature, age-inappropriate, extremely explicit and we heard from many parents who were outraged by this assault on their young children's innocence!
I ask the question: "Why has there been such a noticeable silence surrounding this critical issue?" Have things really changed that much in the past 5 years? Are parents now satisfied with how their Catholic schools/parishes are handling the "Safe environment"programs? Have some parents just given up?

The fact remains that many dioceses continue to use the same secular, age-inappropriate and extremely explicit programs. Take a moment to review… "SAFE ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMS USED BY DIOCESES/EPARCHIES for 2010"   (see the PDF file) and you will see many of the same ineffectual or harmful programs being used across the U.S.

 It has been reported that the "USCCB Office of Child and Youth Protection" addressed concerns expressed by parents and made a number of improvements, perhaps that is the case. However, no matter how the programs and resources appear on paper… "a skunk by any other name still stinks".  It can be a different scenario in every classroom and numerous problems still exist. What are the moral beliefs of the teachers? Do they understand the "latency period" in children? I recently heard how a first grade teacher beamed with pride that she taught her first graders (boys and girls together) to use the word "vagina" to describe the girl's "private parts"… sounds more like "sex education" for a 6 year old than a "safety" program, and how is this kind of instruction going to keep them from being sexually abused?!
Your thoughts please?!
God bless you and yours,
Catholic Parents OnLine
"Maintain the Truth Lovingly and always Love Truthfully"  Blessed John Paul II

As a thought, the Diocese of Lincoln does not require this for it's Priests - I can't speak for the laity.  The Bishop believes that with good formation, proper leadership and example from him, and faithfulness to the teachings of the Church, - the Priests and faithful will do what they ought to do.  KNOW WHAT?  HE'S BEEN RIGHT.  None of the shenanigans out there that I see in so many other places.  And no questions of WHO is the author of the curriculum.  Too many rumors and questions not fully answered about who actually is behind these programs.  Government, Planned Parenthood, the list goes on.  I don't know, I have not done an extensive amount of research into this..........but I do know one thing - I have had to take these "classes" on how to be a good teacher and they SUCK.  Sorry - no other way to put it.  They do not teach a person to be good, holy, or better at their job.  They teach people how NOT to get caught.  That kinda remeinds me of Planned Parenthood.  HMMM have to think abou that one for a bit and write more.

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