Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blood Money - Documentary on Abortion


I just had this forwarded to me from a Sister I know in La Crosse. This is the initial info, more to come as I find more.

"I'm fighting so hard to save myself, that I'll kill someone else to get that." -Compliments of Planned Parenthood -

H/T - a Holy Sister and the Diocese of La Crosse

Comin' Back to Sconnie Land for a short while.

Although not for the best circumstances -(ill family member)- My family and I are heading back to the place of happiness, friends, family, aahhhhhhhh yes. Eau Claire for a few days, La Crosse for a bit......it shall be good.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My lovely wife and St. Gianna

My wife made this video for a retreat she is speaking at tomorrow. The topic is St. Gianna and my wife has a talk to give, as well as show this short video. I think she did a wonderful job, she put many hours into this project and I know she has been very blessed by the experience. If I could, I would like all out in blogland to pray for my wife, those at the retreat, and for a grace-filled day. Thanks and enjoy.

So...Now I'm in the Blog World

Good afternoon world...

My first post in blog world. Yeah. OK, so my wife asked me why I am blogging now, and the true answer is I don't know. I suppose it is to keep it contact with friends, family......the usual. However, I do have other thoughts to doing this. Some may say that I could possibly, in rare cases, sometimes, have strong opinions.............maybe.......... on various topics regarding church or state and this would seem like a fine place to state my case, as it were, to those who may stumble across me. I hope that I may bring more truths to light regarding the Church, its wonders and mysteries, and also to encourage other Catholic Men to stand up, have courage, and be the images of God they were created to be. Even before moving to the desert place several months ago, I wanted to have a kind of support group for other Catholic guys. A place where men could get together, share their thoughts about marriage, children, the Church, you know all that stuff guys like to snuggle up and share with one another in the bright day light. This is why I enjoy Men's Conferences, our annual camping retreats-yes Lance and Spec K you are coming- and other times when guys can get together and build each other up in all different aspects of life. Most important though, these activities build us up and allow us to function better for our vocations! That's the long reason for the blog. What the short now that the longs been read? The goal of all Christians..........to become Saints in Heaven, and help other souls along the way to know our Lord. Did I babble to much?