Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sad news on Fr. John Corapi

Press release on Fr. John Corapi from SOLT here

Well, what can you do?  I can think of no excuse for his actions, save that of the good work he did do and the devil putting massive amounts of effort into bringing Fr. Corapi down.  I have noticed that about 10-12 years ago, many GREAT things happen in and to the Church.  Now, it seems many Bad things are beginning to stir.  Pray for a continued falling of the Holy Spirit on the Church.

And, please remember to be charitable with comments regarding Fr. Corapi.  He did much good work for the Church.  But for the Grace of God go us all.........................anyone of us can fall..........God save us from such a day.

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  1. I love Father John Corapi even though I am a gay man. Father John Corapi is a great man just as Pope John Paul II was. I ignored Father John Corapi's views on homosexuality as I don't believe it is a sin. I feel as though the Catholic Church will never be the same without Father John Corapi. It is easy to point the blame on Satan as he is against anyone that follows Christ or preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful that Father John Corapi will still be around and pray for gods protection for him and all followers of Jesus.