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e5 Men Reminder

e5 Men Monthly Reminder

This Wednesday is the first Wednesday of the month

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Dear Matt,
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If you have a question or comment, you can e-mail us at If it is the first time e-mailing us you will have to confirm that you are a real person and not spam by replying to an e-mail sent by spamarrest.

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Join e5 Special Forces
Special Forces Banner The e5 Special Forces Man fasts more than the one day a month minimum required. The man who belongs to the e5 Special Forces can add fasts specifically for his bride, but also can fast for other women that are in great need.
Any additional e5 fast during the month makes an e5 Man a participant with the other e5 Special Forces. Traditionally e5 Special Forces Men fast every Wednesday throughout the year. Some e5 Special Forces Men fast more than the one day a week as well.
The amount of extra fast days throughout the month is up to each member of the e5 Special Forces.
As a fellow e5 Man, he joins his intentions to all the e5 Men's intentions for that month. The only restriction for the fast to be an e5 Special Forces fast is that it is for a woman or women or a woman's intentions.
TO SIGN UP to the e5 Special Forces click the Update Profile/Email Address at the bottom of this e-mail and type in "Y" to the field that asks "Join Special Forces? (Y or N): "

Some ideas for an e5 Special Forces fast are:
  • Past girlfriends - especially for healing from the harm we may have caused
  • Many e5 Men offer up one day of fasting for each past girlfriend. Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Nieces, Aunts.
  • Women friends
  • Co-Workers
  • For women who are considering or have participated in abortion and for the whole abortion issue to be resolved
  • For women considering or involved with fornication, adultery, sterilization or contraception.
  • Women in pornography
  • Wives of men who use pornography
  • Consecrated celibate women
  • Women or girls with eating disorders
  • Women or girls abused by men
  • Friend's wives
  • Friend's girlfriends
  • All the women we meet that day
  • The e5 Women that have signed up
  • For the finding of a holy husband for our daughters, friends, and relatives
  • For the intentions of Mary, the Mother of Jesus
  • The Church - The Bride of Christ
e5 Apparel 
e5 hat e5 polo

Over the years many e5 Men have requested e5 Men apparel with the e5 logo on it. Well, now you can get e5 apparel through We have uploaded the e5 logo to a number of their products. Click here to go to their online store.

A Note about Pricing: charges an extra 10% to give a royalty back to e5men/The Gift Foundation. 10% is the minimum we can choose.We wish we could choose ZERO% and pass the savings on to you. The Gift Foundation (the sponsor of e5 men) usually only charges close to manufacturing cost for any of its products and operates almost exclusively on voluntary donations to fund its projects. Thank you for your understanding. Although unintended, please consider this extra 10% a donation to keep the e5 web site and e-mail system running.

Printable Flyers (PDF) (or Jpeg for insertion into your document)
e5 brochure smalle5 brochure smallClick on these images and you will be  brought to a web page where you can download PDFs or Jpegs of these images at 8.5 inches x 10 inches.

They were designed to be easy to print to your home computer printer. You can then make as many copies as you wish from your home computer; or you can make an original and copy it on a copier. Also, you may wish to give the PDF file to a local copy shop for printing of larger quantities.

One idea is to stuff these into your church bulletin or newsletter. Or if you are in charge of the church bulletin or similiar newsletter you can download the Jpeg version an embed it right into your document.

Purchase Flyers (inexpensive 100 at a time)
e5 Flyer to Purchase
You can purchase the flyer you see here for pennies a piece in groups of 100. These are perfect for handing out individually, or for stuffing into a church bulletin. Also, they were designed with the idea that you can place them on a bulletin board at church entrances; use 2 and show both sides on the bulletin board. To see a bigger version of this flyer or purchase it click here.
We have a Jpg of the front of the flyer uploaded at winkflash. This is a company that can print a full size poster (18 inch X 24 inch) of the front of this flyer. If you purchase it from them, be sure to choose a "glossy" finish. Click here to go to winkflash site.
You will need to set up a free account with them to ultimately access the poster.
After signing in you can choose the link at the top of the page that says Public.
Then, to access the e5 Men pictures, type in the e5 men's User ID, which is e5men.

Click on Folder #1
Choose Poster from the options on the left and follow the instructions. Don't forget to choose GLOSSY finish.

What is e5 Men?
e5 logo

The e5 Man fasts for his bride to imitate Jesus as described by Saint Paul in his letter to the Ephesians, chapter 5 (for which e5 is named). Fasting is eating only bread and water.
Jesus made a bodily sacrifice on the cross for His Bride the Church to present her to God the Father "without spot or wrinkle." (Eph 5:27) By fasting for our earthly bride and joining our sufferings to Christ's we intercede for grace for our brides. At the same time our act of bodily love in union with Christ accelerates our own conversion.
By making this sacrifice for the women in our lives we live out the essence of the gospel through a very particular act of self denial. To lay down one's body out of love for another is the central message of the gospel.

Membership is not limited to married men. For single men, their fast may be dedicated to their future bride. For widowers or those unlikely to get married, the beneficiary of their fasts may be for a deceased wife, a daughter, a sister, or a granddaughter, or any other women in great need. For the consecrated celibate man the benefit of their fast can be for the benefit of the community they serve or for consecrated celibate women.

Except for medical reasons, the minimum requirements to be an e5 Man are that you:
1. Be a baptized Christian man.
2. Register with e5. Register as an e5 Man. Click here.
3. Fast on plain bread and water at least one day a month for your bride for her spiritual growth and healing - preferably on the first Wednesday of the month.

The intentions of the e5 also include:
1. All the other e5 Men's brides or primary intention.
2. For all the e5 Women registered with us.
3. For all women sinned against by men.
4. For the petitions sent to us by women for women.
5. And in general for all women.
e5 Men | c/o The Gift Foundation | PO Box 95 | Carpentersville | IL | 60110

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