Monday, July 18, 2011

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Brian J. Gail Trilogy

Best-selling Catholic author Brian J. Gail's first two books—Fatherless and Motherless—have become something of a sensation in Catholic circles throughout the country. Fatherless is now sold in over 20 countries. The demand for the second book, Motherless, is off the charts.

Emmaus Road Publishing is the new publisher of Gail's "American Tragedy in Trilogy." Fatherless and Motherless are available at, and Childless, the final book in the American trilogy, is scheduled for release in early fall.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver says that "Motherless is alive with vivid characters, wonderful dialogue and real issues. From start to finish you can't put it down." For other great reviews, see

I am not into reading fiction, but these books could fall into the non-fiction category simply based on the story of most American Catholics.  These are 'can't put em down' books and well worth the time to read.


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