Wednesday, July 20, 2011

40 days for life - Rochester

A possible fall 40 days for life campaign in Rochester is being thought about.  The more help from volunteers, benefactors, and people willing to take a few hours a month out of their schedule the better.  

Dates seem to be September 28 to November 6, which I know is a busy time for people.  

But, think about how much time you spend in front of the TV a week,  - could you "sacrifice" one - two hours of that to walk for the unborn, damaged women, scared men, ignorant physicians, and  just plain frightened people who are affected by abortion.  Does anyone reading this go on a walk a few nights a week for recreation or exercise?  Could you not walk and pray at the same time here?

I know it can be difficult to walk, pray, and hold a sign.  It can make you a target.  Think about this, though.  You have the option to be a target - the people you would be walking for do not yet have that chance.  You can materially participate in giving them that chance.  Just  a thought.

If you feel called to help - or just want more info - go the the Rochester home page and scroll to the contact us portion.

AND - a note to Catholics here in the Diocese of Winona - it is time to step up and make your presence known.  I saw the time and energy put into the St. Johns block party, which is just a few feet away from where we walk.  (that is a whole other topic)  If that kind of support can be put into something like that, can we not put a few measly hours into showing support for those plagued by abortion.  Now is that time.  We all have obligations that pull us in different directions - bring the family, stop by on a lunch break, leave a little earlier for work, whatever you can do.  THIS is living the faith.        

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