Sunday, March 20, 2011

"non-Protestant Christians"

2. Not everyone who believes in it has the same Bible. There are actually different bibles, though they all started with Jews (but before Judaism, per se). The Christian bible includes and depends upon the Jewish bible -- the Protestant Christian Old Testament is composed of the same books as the Jewish Hebrew Bible, arranged in a different order; and non-Protestant Christians include a few more books and parts of books (which also originated in Jewish circles) in their Old Testaments. The books of the Christian New Testament reflect the process of Jesus' followers gradually distinguishing themselves from his religion, Judaism.

When did the Orthodox, Roman Catholics, and others become "non-Protestant Christians" ...........we really do live in a protestant nation.

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  1. The Huffington post? Bored? If you think the "PhD's" article was crap, you should read the comments. There is a guy that said "The Christian day of worship became Sunday before Catholicis­m split off from the rest of Christiani­ty; Eastern Orthodoxy also holds worship on Sunday." WOW! I would agree with the conclusion about a protestant nation, but most comments off the HuffPost are 'protesting' against religion, mainly Christianity.