Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ash Wednesday Mass

Better late than never...........The St. Louis Catholic blogged about this......

KELO Land from South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, SD - Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent . It a time for penance, reflection, fasting and apparently, dance for one group of catholic students. We attend one Ash Wednesday Service [Mass] that was interrupted [during Mass] by an unexpected, but emotional flash mob [during Mass].

Not long after receiving the ceremonial ashes and final blessing [they say during Mass, is this after the final blessing?], a flash mob broke out during the Ash Wednesday Mass [during Mass] at St. Mary Catholic Church in Sioux Falls. The name of the song was "Where you go I'll go" by Chris Tomlin. A timely tribute for the beginning of the lenten season.

"We had done it for our talent show and it had such a powerful message behind it/we had a lot of people asking could we transform it into church or mass," St. Mary Teacher Julie Kolbeck said.  [No, you can't - Mass is not a performance.] 

St. Mary Artist-in-Resident [at a school?] Vicky Fuller helped with song selection and dance moves [during Mass], originally designed for a small group of performers.

"Flash mobs have been really kind of becoming a You Tube phenomena and our principal thought you know this would be something that really gets the kids interested," Kolbeck said.

This dance is a way for these elementary school kids to celebrate their faith [during Mass]. And of course, the message behind the flash mob is much stronger. 
"It's like how God tells us what to do, then we have to follow it," St. Mary 6th Grader Emily Olson said.  [I do wonder if it was God telling them this or a teacher.]

"Its one of those things as a parent to see their faith that your kids have and see these kids carry that message on themselves and to present it in such a beautiful way, its very powerful," Kolbeck said.  [outside of Mass and the Church proper, fine- as it is now......see the GIRM]

Thoughts on Liturgical Dance by folks way more articulate than me.

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  1. Thoughts? It's not Marty Haugen for a change. Gotta love the jumping at 2:30. UGHH!

    At least the church was for the most part EMPTY. Of course, to me it looks like it was a school mass which means that parents were not there to see this crap. I think if that happened to a Mass I was at, my family may have no choice but to leave right then a then and there. It's too visible and destructive of an abuse for small kids to see. I don't know what would be worse: my child coming home telling me about a 'part' they are playing for in a 'show' and finding out it was for Mass.... or my kids having to see that nonsense while sitting in the pews. On a side note, I can't believe that church had communion rails...I'm sure they are dusty.