Monday, March 28, 2011

40 Days for Life - Rochester, MN

Just a note to encourage anyone in the Rochester - or South East MN are for that matter - that 40 Days for Life is still going strong, and is in need of more people to help pray outside Methodist for the continued conversion of those connected with abortion.  It is still Lent, and what better way to pray, fast, and give alms than to pray for the most innocent and most under attack in our society.  A friend and I have been doing the walk on the mornings I work from 6-7 AM.  We haven't had any "run-in's" yet with hostile people, but have had many smiles given in our direction (who knows if they were for us).  Please consider taking a small amount of time out of your week to pray for this most worthy cause.  And, as was remarked, "What better way to start the day than to go and pray for the lives of those affected by abortion."  Indeed, in our culture we become so introverted it is hard to step out of our comfort zone.  The first time I walked with a sign was truly a step out for me.  I have no difficulty walking and praying for the unborn - but, it is quite different to walk, pray, and hold a big sign that states clearly my position.  This is a great fault on my part - the desire to fit in or at least not stick out grinds my conscious.  The litany of humility can be great comfort.

40 Days for Life Rochester, MN

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  1. Hello, is there info on how to sign up for these prayer times during or outside of 40 Days for Life- any specific leader or parish leading in the Rochester area? I am trying to start up a human dignity group with an emphasis on supporting moms to have the freedom to choose life via adoption or parenting. Would love to connect the group at least yearly to this type of work. Pray for us!