Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Verso L'alto at the YMCA

Believe it or not the desert does have a few advantages, notice I said a few, that is few.   OK, now that is stated clearly I can get on with the post.  We found out that the Cooper YMCA in Lincoln has a climbing wall, which is used for top roping only, but hey in the desert you take what you can get.  They make you take a class to show you the basics, then turn you lose.  I went with Our Daughter, who in the blog world goes by "Perpetua" as in St. Perpetua.  We paid The Man, who taught us how to tie a rope, put on a harness, and hold onto a hand hold and pull up.  No, it wasn't that bad, actually a pretty good little class.  I learned how to belay with a ATC, until now I have just used a rescue 8, so this is a good thing.  Her first couple climbs were with the instructor as her Belay, then I took over.  She was taught the proper terminology to speak prior to getting on the wall:  On Belay, Belay On, Climbing, Climb On, Ready to be lowered, Lowering, On the Ground, Off Belay  

All good stuff every 6 year old should know.  She made it almost the whole way up, about 3/4 - I think in the next 2-3 times she'll complete the ascent.  She did a great job, I am quite proud of her.  Anyhow here are some pics.

Her first figure 8, can I get a tissue?
Figure 8 Follow through

And now.......Verso L'alto!!!!!!