Monday, June 21, 2010

More music "Offer it up" to the tune of "Gather us in"

Offer it up

(to the tune of "Gather us in")

Here in this place, a new song is playing
now is the silence vanished away,
hear, in this space, our sound bites and sayings,
brought here to You in the light of this day.

Offer it up the trite and shallow
offer it up the lyrics so lame
Call to us now, our spirits lie fallow
cringing at songs that rejoice in our name.

We are the young to whom worship's a mystery
we are the old – who yearn to embrace
hymns that were sung throughout all of history
sadly it seems they have all been replaced.

Offer it up the lyrics so haughty
offer it up the messages wrong
pray for the soul of poor brother Marty
give us the stomach to finish this song.

Here we will sing of wine and of water
wish we would sing of the blood of our Lord
here we shall sing with our sons and our daughters
hoping they don't get confused by the words.

Give us to sing, a song that is pious
Give us to sing, a song about You
let our music ministers buy us
hymns that are holy with words that are true.
H/T What does Mike think

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