Friday, June 25, 2010

Pier Giorgio Novena Begins June 25

Dear Friend of Blessed Pier Giorgio,
I can only imagine how many special intentions each of you has for yourselves, friends, loved ones, our country, the Church, the world.  Why not entrust them to our heavenly friend as we approach his Fourth of July feast day?  Join the novena in honor of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati beginning on Friday, June 25th.  The prayers for each day can be found on the FrassatiUSA website. 
If you would like to participate in the worldwide novena, our friends at the Compagnia dei Tipi Loschi have again posted an invitation in several languages on their website.  The English translation is a little rough but I think you can get the message.  They are proposing one extra decade of the rosary each day for the Church and the intentions of our Holy Father.  You can submit your intentions to them via their website and they will include them in a special Mass to be offered on July 4th. 
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the beatification of Pier Giorgio.  If you have not prayed the novena before, this would be a wonderful time to begin.  May Blessed Pier Giorgio intercede for each of you!
Verso l'alto,

Christine M. Wohar, Executive Director
FrassatiUSA, Inc.
P.O. Box 50571
Nashville, TN  37205

"The future is in the hands of God and better than that it could not be."  ~ Pier Giorgio Frassati
Here is the Novena

Closing Prayer for each day (Litany)

Day 1      Day 2      Day 3      Day 4      Day 5     

Day 6      Day 7      Day 8      Day 9

Not part of the Novena, nonetheless, a powerful prayer.

"Heavenly Father,
Give me the courage to strive for the highest goals,
to flee every temptation to be mediocre.
Enable me to aspire to greatness, as Pier Giorgio did,
and to open my heart with joy to Your call to holiness.
Free me from the fear of failure.
I want to be, Lord, firmly and forever united to You.
Grant me the graces I ask You through Pier Giorgio's intercession,
by the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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