Sunday, December 4, 2011

Midnight Mass Christmas 2011 Diocese of Winona Extraordinary Form

Yep - that's right.  This year there will be two - not one - two Midnight Masses in the Diocese of Winona celebrated in the Extraordinary Form according to the 1962 Missal.  Two separate Priests from the DOW are doing this for the faithful.  Praise God.  And thank you to these wonderful Priests!!!

Fr. Patrick Arens of 
ST.  MARY’S-CHATFIELD Parish Center Office 507-867-3922 and
-not sure which Church this will be at - call for more info

and Fr. Cook of St. Felix and St Agnes

Fr. Cook will be saying the Extraordinary Form Midnight Mass at, yes, Midnight to celebrate the birth of Our Lord.  (Mass will be at St. Felix.)  It has also been said there will be a choir from Winona coming up to help the angels welcome the Lord.  I cannot say how much I am anticipating this glorious evening.  Midnight Mass AT Midnight.  Singing.  Glorious.

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