Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FW: Michael Voris to Speak at AOTM January 10, 2012

After a month off, the AOTM welcomes back Michael Voris on January 10, 2012 to kick off the New Year.
In all ages the faith is a battle and ours is no different.  What makes these days particularly difficult is the confusion and disorientation so often present in those very places from which clarity and order should come.  Even those who strive to be faithful Catholics can sincerely wonder whose example to follow.  During particular troubled times in the history of the Church, the Italians are known to remark that "Peter is sleeping."  Amidst scandals and dereliction of leadership, who could be faulted for asking the same question today?
It was said, at another troubled time in the soul Christendom, that "the men at arms will give battle and God will grant them victory."  This requires, however, that men are willing to pick up their arms and fight.  Our age is in need of Catholic action as much as any, but too few men are willing to take up the standard and proclaim the truth and put it into action.  On January 10, 2012 we will tackle this weighty topic.
Please visit our web site for more information.  We will continue to update it with additional information as we near the event.
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