Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Outdoor Adventure Expo

 Midwest Mountaineering 


Friday, November 18th  to  Sunday, November 20th

Thursday, November 17th is Customer Appreciation Night
Pre-Event Sale (tents not open) All are Welcome!
Midwest Mountaineering presents our 53rd Bi-Annual Outdoor Adventure Expo right here at the store, in the expo tents in our parking lot, and also across the street at the U of M.  There is much to do, see, and buy.
As Always, Admission is FREE !!!  Everything in the store will be on sale.  Don't miss the excitement!
Read all of the Expo details:  www.outdooradventureexpo.com.

Midwest Mountaineering
309 Cedar Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Disclaimer  - I may not share/support/agree with values from this company, but on a strictly outdoor adventure level they seem solid.  I just found this company, and don't know too much about them - they might be kinda green, global warming, pro abortion, pro homosexual rights folks - don't know.  So - you may want to stay away from the social/political agenda and strictly listen to the outdoor adventure knowledge.

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