Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More on the Girl Scouts....and cookies

Someone I was speaking with told me they weren't too happy with the posts I copy/paste on the girl scouts.

Why - I asked?  Did they like the girl scouts, were they a girl scout, are their children scouts?  Nope....none of those.  Mind you this is not the first time I've had this discussion.  The reason?  Cookies.  Yep Cookies.  People like the cookies.....and if you think like my family does, why would you give money to a group that actively attacks the most innocent of our children - those young girls - who should be learning good feminine skills.  Instead, however, they are forced to learn of contraception, pre-marital sex, sodomy, and the like.

  Cookies. I want cookies.  WELL REJOICE my friends, I say again REJOICE.  There is a retail store out there that sells cookies that are almost identical to the GS cookies, and yet are not.  To my knowledge, they are different bakers for the GS and this retail store.  Again, I say rejoice.  Eat the knock off's without supporting Planned Parenthood.  The retail store?  It is my understanding there are a few, in fact, but the one I've tasted is from Family Dollar - that's right Family Dollar - those are the chocolate/peanut butter ones.  MMMMmmmmm.   I've heard tell, that the Dollar General also has them from time to time.  So go ahead, run to the local $ store and grab some snacks, and tell Planned Parenthood to take their 5 year old sex ed programs back to hell where they found em.

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