Friday, June 17, 2011

So Who is Responsible, Then?

Not that I like to be a headhunter, but the question BEGS an answer.  If you don't like this Vortex, please answer the questions - publicly.  Again, not trying to headhunt - but in ALL things someone needs to be responsible.  In the family - the Husband, in the Church - the Bishops, at the Parish level - the Priest.  While many may run from it, those in authority need to be accountable for their - or lack of - action.  I point the finger at myself before anyone else.  When things go badly we must stand up and have the ba*ls to own up to what we have done.  That is simply part of a Man's vocation.  To hide or shirk that is nothing short of cowardice.  And we all have had our moments.  Like I wrote, the finger points to me.

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