Friday, June 17, 2011

The Black Sheep Dog

Father Corapi's new "name"? here you will find his most recent statement, as well as more info regarding the recent events.

I must say, I don't know were he's going with this - it seems very illusive.  One thing I know, I have NEVER heard him speak contrary to the Faith.  NEVER, not once has he even remotely sounded like a heretic, schismatic, or a rebel.  I CANNOT say that about other Bishops, Priests, or Deacons that still have the authority of public ministerial service.  We'll see how this plays out.

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  1. What a sad day! I wish that he would stick it out to the end.

  2. Father:
    Even though the Bishop disallowed you to publicly
    function as a priest, after your decision to leave
    S.O.L.T. are you still able to celebrate mass privately?


  3. Forgot to tell you, I love you more than ever, Father. You remind me of my own father very much, even though I was born in 1958. He boxed, played football, was in the army and in combat during the second world war. He also went through life very well armed. Yes, he kept a 45 on his dresser but he was a great lawyer and was constantly being threatened. By well armed I mean he had a doctorate in Philosophy. As a result, I'm one of the few listeners of yours who does know her faith better than most. (Yes, I still listen to you every day. I've boycotted EWTN and ordered all the dvd's that I did not have yet of yours). I never tired of listening to my father argue the Faith. And I do mean argue. He could argue anybody into the Catholic Church. This is where his education as a lawyer came in very handy. You've said often that you do not argue; that you preach from a position of authority. You would have loved my father. You're both going to shine in heaven as great, great defenders of the Catholic Church.
    Your suffering is temporary, Father. Do not ever forget that. You are building up treasure in heaven. I'll continue to pray and fast for you, you most wonderful man. My father suffered a lot too, the last thirty years of his life.
    I've asked him to assist you in your suffering.
    He's been gone since 2002 and I miss him so.
    Sometimes the way in which you phrase certain things, you bring my Dad back to me for a moment. Thank you for all you do.
    p.s. I'm taking care of a woman who has been given six months to live. She's disinterested in even seeing a priest. I'm debating which dvd's of yours to blast her with. Perhaps the one on Eschatology.