Thursday, October 14, 2010

Traditional Latin Mass

I noticed someone did a search for a Traditional Latin Mass near Baraboo, WI recently and they ended up here.  I hope they found what they were looking for.  If not, here is some info that may be of help in the future.  The only TLM near Baraboo, WI is offered by the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest.  There is a cluster of Parishes close to Baraboo in the Diocese of Madison.  Here is a good starting point to begin your search.  It is the website for St. Norberts Parish in Roxbury, WI.  Beautiful parish, well said Mass - NO liturgical abuses in the TLM or NO masses.  A haven in the wilderness if you ask me.  Much info can be found on them with a simple google search.  The Badger Catholic has also posted on this.  Any for some eye candy, here are some pics taken in August 2010.

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