Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Words fail me

Saw this today..........in case you are following this trend as I am, this will add some extra insight.  The previous post speaks of our stores.  Here is The Vortex.  Some may find Mr. Voris a bit off from time to time.  I haven't watched an episode that doesn't hold a great amount of truth........tough to take, true nonetheless.  Here we go.  Take a stand.  Protect your marriage.  Protect your children.  For goodness sake LIVE YOUR FAITH.  If we don't (and we haven't otherwise this would not be happening) well...........its gonna get worse before it gets better.  Yes, we do win in the end, and that is a promise, but that doesn't mean we sit back, do nothing, and wait for the end.  My sinful tendency begins to come out in frustration waiting, hoping, and praying that an authentic Catholic voice will begin to be heard over all this garbage that is too loud for my ears.  Father Corapi speaks of a deafening silence..........

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