Monday, July 26, 2010

Things every guy should know how to do

I have decided to start a frequent post entitled (you guessed it) "Things every guy should know how to do"
You may say, "I will never use something like that" but, I do believe if we are to be complete physically, spiritually, and emotionally, we need to know basic skills - in all areas.  You don't need to be an expert, but you should have a basic idea of things out of your comfort area.  Things could include tying knots, having a sense of direction, knowing how to change a tire, etc, etc.  And you would be surprised how many men don't know basic skills.  I would say especially to fathers - we must know these skills to pass them on to our children.  I knew of a teen that didn't know how to shovel his car out of the snow when he was stuck!  Yeah, so the first installment - how to tie a harness around yourself.  "When the heck am I going to use this" is a fair question, my answer is hopefully never, but in the event you need to save a child who has fallen below you, or lock into a tree, or whatever here it is.  PS - These are things they teach Boy Scouts too.  If they know it, we as men, should know it.

Hasty Harness - Used frequently in the Fire service to make an attachment point around yourself.  Can be used with webbing or rope.

HT - I have seen this type of list before, this is just a personal spin on it.  So, to whom ever thought of it....good job.

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