Thursday, July 29, 2010

Theology of the Donkey

"God put obvious limitations on our intelligence, but none whatsoever on our stupidity."

This quote is most often attributed to Fr Corapi, and I may be wrong, but I believe Archbishop Sheen used it first.  In any case it is amazing to me that I know so little about these two holy Men of God....................and yet they know so much about me.

The "Theology of the Donkey."    Try to remember what a donkey is like — now that so few of them are left. Not an old, stubborn, vicious one that would give you a kick when you least expected, but a young one with his ears up like antennae. He lives on a meagre diet, is hardworking and has a quick, cheerful trot. There are hundreds of animals more beautiful, more deft and strong. But it was a donkey Christ chose when he presented himself to the people as king in response to their acclamation. For Jesus has no time for calculations, for astuteness, for the cruelty of cold hearts, for attractive but empty beauty. What he likes is the cheerfulness of a young heart, a simple step, a natural voice, clean eyes, attention to his affectionate word of advice. That is how he reigns in the soul.  Christ is Passing By, 181

To me, it seems, it is best to be the young donkey that is cheerful, not the crabby jacka*s that I usually am.

And so, we begin day three of the Novena to St. Josemaria Escriva.

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