Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary Ordination May 2010

My daughter, son, and I attended the Solemn Pontifical Mass for the Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary with the conferral of Holy Orders to the Sacred Priesthood today. Six men of God became Priests for Christ and His Church. What a beautiful experience it was for myself and family. This was my first ordination ever!! It was especially wonderful to assist with this as it was for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, which was formed over 20 years ago by John Paul the Great in an effort to honor the needs of those who desire to worship Our Lord by means of the Traditional liturgy of the Catholic Church. The Seminary, which is in Denton, NE is the Fraternities Seminary for the English speaking world. The Celebrant was His Excellency, The Most Reverend Fabian Bruskewitz, D.D., S.T.D., Bishop of Lincoln, NE. Although we feel we are in the desert here, I must say I am overjoyed to have as my Shepard a humble man who is able to celebrate the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. We are blessed in that regard that Bishop B. is so supportive of the Tridintine Mass. St. Francis is the Oratory in Lincoln where the FSSP celebrates Mass daily. Praise the Lord for the Old Mass!!! I could go on all day, needless to say I highly recommend attending an Ordination Mass....especially in the Old Rite. Nothing against the New Rite, mind you, I very much believe in and accept the New Rite as valid. Too often, though, I have seen "extras" added to the Mass that are not supposed to be there. A properly celebrated Novus Ordo Mass is a beautiful Sacrament to assist at. I have had the great pleasure of knowing many Priests who celebrate the New Mass as it should be, and thank God for them. Any how, off the soap box, check out the Pics, any questions shoot me a comment. Oh yeah, the Ordination was celebrated at the Cathedral here in Lincoln...........if you look closely you will see a resurexifix......not exactly what one would like to see.......what can you do? Pray, Hope, Don't worry........I'm workin on it.

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  1. Five pictures? Did you drop your camera? JK. Thanks for the post, I was wondering how it all went. A Mass of Ordination is such a neat thing to attend, let alone in the EF. It's too bad that our family was so busy getting ready for the baby boy's B-Day party later that day. I think the oldest boy would have loved seeing the Ordination Mass with Arbp Listeki. Along with Fr Martin, Fr Hirsch, Msgr Hudnt and all the other priest like at the Chrism Mass.

    I'm surprised to see a modern cathedral with a High Altar. Too bad there aren't any other pics of that cathedral. :)

  2. What up L man, yeah I have more pics but didn't want to put them all on there. The High Altar pictured was placed by the FSSP for this ordination only, the Cathedral does NOT have it's own high altar. I will try to get some comparable pics of the Cathedral as it is normally.