Monday, October 31, 2011

Extraordinary Form - Traditional Latin Mass for All Saints Day - Diocese of Winona

Yes - that's right  - right here in the DOW.  An Extraordinary Form - Traditional Latin Mass will be offered for All Saints Day, which is a Holy Day of Obligation in 2011.  The EF Mass will be at St. Felix in Wabasha.  Wow.  Well done, Father Cook.  Does this mean we can look forward to EF Masses for Christmas and Easter as well?  Hint, Hint.

Mass Times at St. Felix for November 1st, 2011 - All Saints Day.

6:30 AM - St. Felix - EF Mass
11:00 AM  - St. Felix OF Mass
6:30 PM - St. Agnes OF Mass


  1. To hear some really great homilies (and to learn more about Fr. Cook mentioned above), go to

  2. Midnight Mass last Christmas was in the EF. It wouldn't surprise me if does Easter as well, although he can't do the Triduum because you can only celebrate it once, and the OF will cover that.