Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Diocese of Winona Chrism Mass

I had the privilege of attending the Chrism Mass this past Monday.  It was a beautiful celebration of the Mass at a awe inspiring parish in Mankato, MN.  St.'s Peter and Paul is.....well.....words cannot describe what I think to know that the Diocese actually has a Parish that looks like this.  WOW.  The order they have there is also something that I could never have imagined.  Holy, Orthodox, priests that are really bringing it back.  Great Liturgies, solid formation, good old fashioned Catholicism.  Great.  They even have a private minor seminary that is providing wonderful faith formation to young men considering the priesthood.  If their Order is still there in 8-9 years, the Boy is getting shipped there for High School Seminary.  Latin, cassocks, Sisters in HABITS, the list goes on.  AND - they celebrate the Extraordinary Form (not for the Chrism Mass, can't get too carried away with rad trad liturgical awesomeness can you?)  


  1. This is my parish. I was there that night singing in the choir. Pray for us, we are not perfect and there's a ways to go with our liturgy. What you saw was a special occasion. This morning as Mass there were terrible modern songs sung to piano. But we have cassocks and a fair amount of peity....yes we have it better than many but its NOT PERFECT. Slowly we improve...slowly.

  2. Beautiful church,,sad that there is a novus ordo table rather than the use of only the high altar, for the traditional Latin Mass.