Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carmelites of St. Joseph - Austin, MN

Has anyone heard of this community of Carmelite brothers?  If so, please comment - I am interested, especially since they are so close to our new home ( < 1 hour ).  Any comments on their orthodoxy would be greatly appreciated - and if they are partial or open to the traditional Mass.
The Carmelites of St. Joseph are a community of Carmelite brothers founded by his Excellency, Bishop Bernard J. Harrington of the Diocese of Winona. The brothers strive to live the contemplative aspect of the Carmelite charism. This entails a life of liturgical and contemplative prayer, study of Sacred Scripture, manual labor and communal fraternity. We are a Public Association of the Faithful seeking formal affiliation with the international Order of Carmelites (O. Carm.). Our Hermitage has been located on the grounds of Queen of Angels Church, Austin Minnesota, since June, 2001.

We support ourselves by manual labor such as weaving rugs in our workshop or caring for guests and retreatants; some of us may engage in a limited sacramental ministry in local parishes, but we give preference to manual labor like our great Patron, St. Joseph. His life of labor, shrouded in silence, bears an aura of deep contemplation.


  1. I know this community well. Stay away from them!

    1. Without engaging in detraction, could you explain why one should stay away. Too orthodox - too "liberal" -what is wrong with them - I haven't had time to stop in and meet them.

    2. Contact the Diocese of Winona for an explanation. The community is on Probation. Serious problems.