Thursday, December 2, 2010

Combine Latin and Metal

Think this is the future of the Traditional Latin Mass community in the USA?  Might be a way to get the fallen away mental metal heads back.

I found this "band" when doing a search on Groove Shark for Regina Coeli.  Yeah - uuhhhhhmmmm ya.  Listen ............... if you dare.  Sensitive Traddy's might want to sit down........and pray................a lot.

from the above website................"This website will feature Catholic music that is written and performed by Catholic musicians. We will feature music reviews, interviews with musicians and a forum will be set up to promote the discussion of topics that are of interest to Catholic musicians.There are many websites that feature Christian metal bands; we wish them well with their ministry. This website is intended to promote Catholic Metal bands and artists whose music reflects the truth of Christ that is revealed in his Catholic Church.  The essence of metal music's energy combined with that of the Holy Spirit can be summed up by our motto, "Praising Him loudly!". The potential that this musical form has of delivering Christ's message and fulfilling the call to evangelize (which Pope John Paul II said was so necessary) [not sure this is what the Holy Father had in mind] might prove Catholic Metal music to be one of the most powerful."  [I have my doubts, ya know Gregorian chant  - pride of place - and all that stuff]

Yeah.  Me thinks mmmmmmmmmmmmmm NOT.

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